inSSIDer 3.0

It is a tool which displays every wireless hotspot’s MAC address
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inSSIDer gives you visibility into your Wi-Fi environment. This Wi-Fi network discovery tool displays every wireless hotspot’s MAC address, encryption, signal strength and channel.
Main Features:
- Measure Wi-Fi signal strength: It helps you measure the signal strength and estimate the performance of your Wi-Fi in various locations. See how walls, stairways, and doors affect your wireless network coverage.
- Pick a better channel for your Wi-Fi: All Wi-Fi must share channels with other networks in the environment. Too many networks sharing or overlapping a channel can slow down the performance of all Wi-Fi networks on that channel. This Wi-Fi scanner helps you see the best channel for your Wi-Fi.
- Make sure your Wi-Fi is secure: inSSIDer will help you determine which security setting your Wi-Fi is using, reducing the risk of unauthorized access into your home network.

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